Additions June 2017

Autumnal Bright
This picture was taken along an alleyway in Bright Victoria during May.  The colours and depth inspired me to do this painting.  I also used a new presentation style to get away from the traditional 'all filled in" look.
Watercolour, Size: 330x500,  Unmounted, unframed.  Price $350

North Swimcart

This was my first attempt at this type of presentation and I am very pleased with it.  It depicts the iconic Bay of Fires colours and shapes around the north of Swimcart Beach, Binalong Bay Tasmania.
Watercolour, Size 500x330,  Unmounted, Unframed  Price $350

Latest Additions November 2016

 Ruthies Secret Garden

Watercolour, Size 350x520, Framed, Overall size: 550x720.  Price $640
Stressless in Venice
Watercolour, Size 1100x500, Unframed, Mounted Overall size 1300x700, Price $1350 SOLD

Latest Additions July 2016

Window Series - Girl in Yellow

Acrylic on Terraskin, Size: 440x660, Framed Overall size: 600x900. Price: $1300 Commission
The Ridge

Watercolour, Size 440x320, Framed, Overall Size 650x510.  Price: $450

 Rufus, Wherefore Art Thou?

Watercolour, Size 360x270,  Framed, Overall Size 560x490   Price $420

Morning in the Highlands

Watercolour, Size 360x260, Unmounted, Unframed Price: $250

 Mt Wellington - Hobart 

Watercolour, Size 320x420,  Unframed NFS

 Secluded - Binalong Bay

Watercolour, Size:540x360, Framed, Overall Size: 720x560.  $640

 Taking a Break - Twilight Hut, Mt Field

Watercolour, Size: 540x360, Framed, Overall Size: 720x560   $640

 The Luthier's Apprentice - Benabbio Italy

Watercolour, Size:360 x 540, Framed, Overall Size: 560x720  $540

 Watching Out For Mum - Noumea

Watercolour, Size:320 x 500, Framed, Overall Size: 560x720  $640
The Potter

Watercolour, Size 460 x 340, Framed (museum glass) Overall Size: 700 x 590.  Price $810

Latest Additions - August 2015

Chasing the Shadow - Horsemen of the Camargues
  This was a picture I took of the Camargues horsemen running the bulls through Aigues Mortes in southern France. This painting uses the techniques I learnt from Ross Paterson. Painted in mid 2015

Watercolour, Size: 530 x 340 Framed Overall Size: 740 x 590. Price $720
Slow day at the Market
This painting is of a couple of old boys at the market in Cuba.  There was so much of interest in this composition and it was an ideal subject for me to make a further attempt at mastering the techniques I learned  from Ross Paterson.   Painted in mid 2015.
Watercolour, Size 470 x 340 Framed Overall Size: 700 x 590.  Price $720

Evening Stroll
 This painting was finished at a week-long residential art workshop I attended in Bathurst mid 2015. I was working with renowned Victorian watercolourist Ross Paterson and I am still trying to master his techniques
that capture light to such great effect.
Watercolour, Size Unfamed 360 x 260  Price: $180
Shadowy Figures - Santiago
 This is one of many shadows cast on a pavement wall by people walking past as we sat having a drink in the afternoon sun at Bellavista, Santiago Chile. Painted in late 2014
Watercolour, Size unframed: 360 x 540.  Price $250

Wintery Morning
 This is the result from an exercise with my tutor Sandy Michell of Devonport, Tasmania. I was capturing the cold still of a winter's morning around many of the lakes in Tasmania.  Painted in early 2015
Watercolour, Size 160 x 120 Framed Overall Size: 410 x 380  Price $220

Running from Rugby
 This painting depicts the drama of Mount Rugby in the wilderness of Bathurst Harbour, southwest Tasmania. The inspiration for the painting came from the effect of the light being reflected from Rugby one evening as we laid up near King's Point in our yacht Mojo during our circumnavigation of Tasmania in February 2015.   Painted in late 2015
Watercolour, Size 540 x 350, Framed Overall Size: 740 x 590, Price $720

Autumn Chill
 Autumn Chill depicts the cold misty feel of being in the highlands of Tasmania on an overcast day following the first snows of Autumn. Painted in late 2014

Watercolour, Size 350 x 270, Framed, overall size: 560 x 480.  Price $ 420

 This painting was the result of an exercise to capture the morning light and mists in a mountain landscape.  Painted in early 2015

Watercolour, Size 160 x 120, Framed Overall size: 410 x 380.  Price $220 SOLD

Daybreak 2
 Another exercise capturing the early morning light on a mountainous landscape.  Painted in early 2015

Watercolour, Size 160 x 120, Framed Overall size: 410 x 380.  Price $220

Eucalypt Study 2
 The result of an exercise to capture the colours and foliage of a eucalyptus tree.  Painted in early 2015

Watercolour, Size 260 x 360 Unframed.  Price: $80

Urban Chaos
 This is one of my first attempts to go abstract.  The painting depicts the chaos of the crowds and movement overlooked by the high rise buildings of a city street.  Painted in late 2014.

Acrylic on Terraskin, Size 320 x 210, unframed.  Price $150

Nightshift Over
 Inspiration for this painting was a very early morning shot in Bolivia of a man returning home having parked his tricycle in the alleyway.  Painted in mid 2015

Watercolour, size 260 x 360 unframed.  Price: $250

Midlands Landscape 2
 With our many trips up and down the Midlands Highway to Hobart, we get to see the many of the ever changing seasonal and light effects on the Midlands landscape.  This painting depicts a cloudy autumnal day around Oatlands.   Painted in early 2015

Watercolour, size 260 x 360 unframed.  Price: $180

Midlands Landscape
 This painting reflects the late summer landscape of the Midlands of Tasmania in the vicinity of Campbelltown.  Painted in early 2015

Watercolour, Size 260 x 360 unframed.  Price: $180

Leading the Team
 This painting was another of my attempts to capture the bright luminosity using the techniques of watercolourist Ross Paterson at the Bathurst artist's retreat.  Painted in mid 2015
Watercolour, size 260 x 360 unframed.  Price: $150

Barnes Bay Bruny Island
This painting was completed en plein air on Bruny Island.  Barnes Bay is a popular anchorage for boats on the channel side of Bruny Island.  Painted in mid 2013

Watercolour, Size 400 x 280, Framed Overall Size: 480 x 590.  Price $320

Latest Additions April 2014

Five Sisters - Three Hummock Island
 An interesting rock formation called the Five Sisters situated at the southern end of Coolumb Beach.  As a triptych, it broke up the business of the overall painting. Painted in late 2013
Watercolour, Framed Overall Size: 720 x 460,  Price $420
Autumn Evening - Betsie Is Headland
 Inspiration for this painting was a late afternoon autumn sail past Blackjack Rocks near Betsie Island.  The view is as if from the beach at Goat Bluff.
Watercolour, Framed  Price $350  SOLD
 Colours After the Rain - Bothwell

While driving a few miles out of Bothwell just after heavy rain, I noticed the amazingly bright red colour of the bark on the eucalypts alongside the road.  Even the grass seemed to be brighter than usual.  Painted early 2014 ready for my second solo exhibition.
Acrylic on terraskin, Size 300 x 380 Framed Overall size: 480 x 560.  Price $320
Leaf Study

An idea for a painting that came from my art mentor  Sandy Michell.  The leaves are against the trunks of the eucalypts and  I used salt flakes to get the effect of insect attack on the bark.  Painted mid 2013.

Watercolour  Size Price $420
Foggy Awakening - Tasmanian Highlands
This painting captures the atmospheric nature of the highlands, often shrouded in mystery due to the weather conditions and climatic extremes that you experience up there. Painted late 2013.

Watercolour, Framed Price $440  SOLD
 In the Surf
This triptych attempts to capture the vision of being amongst the surf, both above and below the waves.  Painted late 2013.

Watercolour, Framed Overall size: Price $320
Island Bend - Gordon River
This is a most magnificent part of the world.  I spent a week kayaking up this river with some friends in 2012 and finally got around to painting some scenes from the trip.  The serenity and isolation is to be experienced. painted early 2014.

Watercolour, Framed Overall size:   Price $440  SOLD
This cottage high on an exposed hillside overlooking Darlington on Maria island.  Painted early 2014
Watercolour  Framed   Price $420
This is a bay just to the south of Kaikoura on the South Island of New Zealand where I saw so much marine life including seals, whales, and acrobatic dolphins.  Painted in early 2014
Watercolour, Size  Framed   Overall Size   Price $350
Lee's Paddock
This painting depicts the mountain hut on Lee's Paddock.   It is a favourite lunch and evening destination for a walk in north central Tasmania.  Painted in early 2014.
Watercolour, Size 340 260, Framed. Overall size: 450 x 540.  Price $380

Sunset over the Ocean
This painting captures the colours of the sunset over water without being prescriptive in shape and form.  It was painted in early 2014 and about my second attempt to go abstract.
Watercolour, Size: 240x360, Framed Overall size: 420x560   Price $375
The Farm - Matthinna
 The light on the tree foliage attracted me to do this painting. Painted in early 2014.
Watercolour Size Framed Overall size   Price $420
Bernacci's Broken Dreams - Maria Island
This painting was inspired by the strength and longevity of Bishop and Clerk against the seeming passing and fragile nature of Bernacci's man-made structures.  Painted in early 2014.

Watercolour, Size  Framed Overall Size   Price $450

Wintery Slopes
This painting was an exercise using a couple of different techniques using free strokes to create direction and drama. Painted in late 2013
Watercolour, Unmounted and Unframed, Size 360x260  Price:$75  SOLD